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How to Market Your Website for Maximum Exposure

by Siouxie Boshoff


Hopefully you have started to implement the basic marketing actions outlined in Part 1 and you are seeing some additional traffic to your site.  The following are some advanced marketing tips to help strengthen your Internet presence.

Part 2 - Using The Net to Increase Advertising

I'm going to break these up into categories so they will be easy to follow, as always you can call us at   Visual Edge Design if you need to clarify something or have questions.

Where can I link my website to gain new business? This is a good question, and there are a number of great answers.  If you have a business that relies mainly on local business, then here are some suggestions:

1. Chamber of Commerce website.  When most people are relocating to a new area, they gather as much information as possible about the area.  One of the best resources for them, can be the local Chamber of
Commerce.  You may have to be a member to link your site to theirs or there may just be a fee, but what better way to gain immediate exposure and possibly clientele.
2. On-Line Newspapers.  Most cities and towns have local newspapers that are available on-line.  These are an excellent resource for you, especially if you already advertise in their hard copy paper.  Ask if they offer on-line ads, and if it can link to your website. 

3. Local Links Pages.  Most cities and towns have local links pages that feature all the businesses in the area, etc..  The way to find them is to go to a major search engine (Lycos, Yahoo, Excite, SavvySearch, etc) and do a search for your city & state (i.e.: Durango, Colorado) and see what comes up.  When you find 2 or 3 good links pages, you can send them an e-mail or call them and ask what is needed to have your site linked.  There may be a small fee, or it may even be free.  But you never know 'till you ask!

4. Banner Exchanges.  A banner exchange is where you have a small "banner" that gives some basic information about your services, like an ad.  It can be linked to your website, or it can just be a stand alone ad.  This can be a great resource for you at no charge to you.  It works like this: first, you find a business that has a similar clientele to yours.  For instance, if you are a bodywrap shop, you may want to hook up with a local gym, salon, spa or other health related business.  Do not contact someone that would be considered a competitor though.  You would find out if they have a website.  If they do, offer to put a banner for their services on the bottom of your home page, and in exchange they would do the same for you.  This way, you are both increasing your exposure locally and to a correctly targeted audience.   This is done on the Internet all the time and is one of the main lines of advertising across the Internet.


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