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Terms of Service

What you get with your services


Visual Edge Design's statement of 99.9% service uptime allows for 45 non-consecutive minutes of (HTTP) service outage per month as defined here. For purposes of this statement, only downtime lasting at least 10 consecutive minutes is considered a service outage.

Visual Edge Design, Inc. will not be held responsible for Service Outages resulting from non-Visual Edge Design, Inc. operated equipment including, but not limited to, Internet NAP failures or congestion and backbone failures. Additionally, Visual Edge Design, Inc. will not be held responsible for delays in the registration or transfer of a domain due to InterNIC related issues, for outages resulting from malfunctioning customer scripts or applications that are installed by the customer, nor for unusual traffic spikes or "denial of service" attacks on customer web sites.

Visual Edge Design, Inc. will credit the customer's account with 10% of the monthly hosting fee for every 60 minutes of service outage (as defined above) in any given calendar month, up to a maximum of 100% of the customer's total monthly hosting fee for that month.

Additionally, service outages will not include downtime due to acts of God, nor for outside security breaches. Finally, Visual Edge Design will not be held liable for service outage damages resulting in the loss of prospective profits or anticipated sales or as a result of expenditures, investments, or commitments in connection with the business.

Our maintenance services include these kinds of changes and updates at no additional charge:

  • Basic changes or updates, excluding full redesigns or complicated additions
  • Adding or removing photos and images
  • Adding specials, schedules, calendar changes
  • Adding new products or services
  • Modifying text or making address and information changes

Note: We will always consult with you on changes and inform you of any costs prior to making any changes.

Our maintenance services do not include:

  • Adding Flash Animation designs
  • Modifying the main navigation structure of the website
  • Redesigning or modifying the website's template
  • Designing new pages
  • Full graphic designs, redesigns or rebranding of a website
  • Adding shopping carts or interactive features not already integrated into the site
  • Interactive scripts created, added or modified
  • Modifying PDFs, Word or other external documents

Payment of Services

Design and setup fees must be paid in full prior to uploading website for permanent placement. Monthly hosting fees are billed automatically by major credit card on your scheduled billing cycle. To keep costs and employee resources down, we bill your credit card automatically on the same billing schedule each month. If billing is declined, we try it again three times over the next week and we will notify you of decline. If it is not corrected and payment is not made within seven business days, we reserve the right to suspend services until payment is received. As an alternative to automatic credit card billing of hosting services, clients may pay for hosting services six months to one year in advance. Any exceptions to this payment policy must be approved in writing by an authorized member of Visual Edge Design's Executive Board.

Small Business Website Packages

Visual Edge Design offers fixed-rate website packages to small businesses (referred to as "theme sites"), enabling small businesses to afford a professional website at a reduced rate rather than the expense of a custom designed website. These websites require a minimum of twelve (12) months hosting with Visual Edge Design. Visual Edge Design retains all copyrights to theme website designs until 12 monthly hosting payments have been made by the client. In the event that client cancels hosting service prior to completion of the 12 months, client agrees to pay the balance of the remaining months in full.

Domain Name Renewals

For domain names registered and managed by Visual Edge Design on the client's behalf, Visual Edge Design will automatically renew the client's domain name on an annual basis within 30 days of the domain expiration date, and charge the client's credit card on file a $35.00 annual domain renewal fee.


Hosting clients may cancel their service at any time by submitting their cancellation in writing (either by email, snail mail or fax) at least 30 days prior to their next billing cycle. Visual Edge Design, Inc. will keep the assigned hosting space and/or website active for the remainder of that billing cycle so that client has time to retrieve all needed content from their site, or to migrate their site to a new provider.


Any refund requests must be received by Visual Edge Design within 90 days of the date of sale. No refund requests will be considered outside of 90 days from the original date of sale. On valid refund requests Visual Edge Design will immediately place the project on hold, collect all material related to the project and review the project history (email and telephone records as kept in our contact tracking system). Based upon the results of that review, the following refund adjustments will be applied: (i) a 50% cancellation fee will be retained by Visual Edge Design once work has begun on any web design services purchased; (ii) a 100% cancellation fee will be retained by Visual Edge Design and NO REFUND will be issued once work has begun on any advanced services purchased, including, but not limited to: databases, programming, logos, flash, galleries, rollovers, shopping carts, forums, site migrations etc. The final refund amount will be issued to the client by company check or via a credit to the client's credit card on which the initial sale was made, within two (2) weeks of adjudication of the final refund amount. The refund payment method remains at the sole discretion of Visual Edge Design.

Search Engine Submissions

Visual Edge Design, Inc. will submit client websites to major search engines through the submission of a Google and Yahoo sitemap to both major search engines. This does not guarantee top search engine placement. Due to the competitive nature of the Internet, we cannot guarantee that a website will rank in the top ten of the major search engines. It could take as little as two weeks or as long as several months to get a good ranking on the search engines.

E-mail and Anti-Spamming Policy

Clients may not (i) send unsolicited bulk messages over the Internet (i.e., “spamming”), (ii) create fake weblog or weblogs which are intended or reasonably likely to promote the author’s affiliated websites or to increase the search engine rankings of associated sites (i.e., “splogs”) or (iii) send spam to weblog sites or automatically post random comments or promotions for commercial services to weblogs (i.e., “spamming blogs”). clients must comply with all relevant legislation and regulations on bulk and commercial e-mail, including the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003.

Mass Mailings – clients may not send mass unsolicited e-mail, which is email that is sent to recipients who have not Opted-In in to mailings from the client. Clients who send mass mailings must maintain complete and accurate records of all consents and opt-ins and provide such records to Visual Edge Design upon its request. If a client cannot provide positive and verifiable proof of such consents and opt-ins, Visual Edge Design will consider the mass mailing to be unsolicited.

Mailing Lists – clients are prohibited from operating mailing lists, listservs, or mailing services that do not target an audience that has voluntarily signed up for e-mail information using a valid Opt-In process or that has made their e-mail addresses available to a client for distribution of information. Clients who operate mailing lists must maintain complete and accurate records of all consents and Opt-In elections and provide such records to Visual Edge Design upon its request. If a client cannot provide positive and verifiable proof of such consents and Opt-In elections, Visual Edge Design will consider the list mailing to be unsolicited. Any client-maintained mailing list must also allow any party on the list to remove itself automatically and permanently. Removal requests from client mailing lists must be executed within five (5) business days of receipt.

Other prohibited activities include, without limitation, the following:

  • Use of Visual Edge Design servers for the receipt of replies to unsolicited mass e-mail.
  • Forgery of e-mail headers (“spoofing”).
  • Spamming via third-party proxy, aggregation of proxy lists, or installation of proxy mailing software.
  • Configuration of a mail server to accept and process third-party messages for sending without user identification and authentication.
  • Hosting web pages advertised within “spam e-mail” sent from another network (“spamvertising”).
  • Hosting web pages or providing services that support spam.
  • Any other unsolicited bulk messages, postings, or transmissions through media such as weblog posts, IRC/chat room messages, guestbook entries, HTTP referrer log entries, usenet posts, pop-up messages, instant messages, or SMS messages.

Blacklisting Repercussions

If any client or any Third Party User that is a customer of our client uses Visual Edge Design services, Visual Edge Design servers or its physical infrastructure in a manner that causes Visual Edge Design to be “blacklisted” or blocked, Visual Edge Design reserves the right to (i) suspend permanently or terminate Visual Edge Design services of such client and/or (ii) suspend permanently or terminate the access to Visual Edge Design services, servers or its physical infrastructure by such Third Party User. Using Visual Edge Design services on behalf of, or in connection with, or reselling any service to persons or firms listed in the Spamhaus Register of Known Spam Operations database at shall constitute a violation of these Terms of Service.

Block Removal – If, as a result of a client’s actions, Visual Edge Design’s mail servers or IP address ranges are placed on black hole lists or other mail filtering software systems, Visual Edge Design shall charge client $250 upfront and $225 per hour thereafter for any necessary remedial actions.


While we will make every effort to design a site to client specifications with the intention of assisting clients to succeed with their Internet website, we cannot guarantee success. Visual Edge Design, Inc. nor any of it's officers , employees, subsidiary companies, or owners can be held liable for the failure of a website as a venture.

Additionally, Visual Edge Design, Inc. cannot be held responsible or liable for any upsets or damages caused by a website that we have designed, or a client that we have created an online presence for.

Right of Refusal of Services

We reserve the right to refuse search engine submission services if we have not designed your site and we feel that your website is not optimized for search engine placement. We will not take any accounts that we feel we cannot assist in search engine rankings.

We reserve the right to refuse search engine submission service if a website contains content that is deemed inappropriate or contains information that would be a conflict of interest for any of our existing clients.

We reserve the right to refuse our services if a website is deemed inappropriate by our executive board. This includes sexually explicit, violent, unethical, fraudulent or questionable content.

We reserve the right to refuse service if a website's content is found to be in conflict of interest with any of our existing clients, subsidiary companies, executives or companies formed by our executive or advisory board.

We reserve the right to refuse or cancel existing service if deemed appropriate for the overall benefit of our company. Where an existing client's account is canceled by Visual Edge Design, if the client owns all content, we will give the client 10 days notice to retrieve all site content and relocate their site. Where Visual Edge Design owns site design and content, we reserve the right to cancel service at any time with refund to client for unused services. Visual Edge Design, Inc. can not be held liable for any loss of business or upset created by canceling a client's service.

This policy is subject to change without notice and it is the responsibility of each client to ensure that he or she is kept informed of the most recent policy changes.

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