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Meet the VED Team

Learn about our multi-skilled crew of creative professionals

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Grant - Founder and Chief Financial Officer

Skills: Brilliant programmer, financial genius, car racing, can trouble shoot practically anything - and makes it look waaaaay too easy!
Pet Peeves: Phone sales people who sound like they're reading from a script. Bad movies and slow drivers.
Loves: My family, racing, my wife, my kids, sushi, my wife, Scrabble, live concerts and oh yeah, my wife. (Not necessarily in that order).

Siouxie - President

Skills: Designer Extraordinaire, SEO master, keeps the staff and company eyes on the mountain.
Pet Peeves: Bad design, dishonesty, slow restaurant service, and movies with bad endings.
Loves: Being married to my best friend and the love of my life, having a big, close-knit family, my kids, my grandkids, sushi, sculpting, music, writing, blogging, Scrabble and karaoke.

Carlos - VP Sales

Skills: Bilingual, Salsa dancer, holiday lighting expert, and Internet savvy since before the Internet.
Pet Peeves: People who can't roll their RRRRs.
Loves: The beach. My awesome kids. Traveling.

Rick - Technical Secretary

Skills:CSS, JavaScript, PHP and the ability to make a computer or web site do just about anything I need it to do.
Pet Peeves:Bad code, decaffeinated coffee, sleep.
Loves:Music, new problems with solutions to figure out, and almost anything covered in cheese (and Sriracha!).

Mike - Updates Manager

Skills: Adobe Creative Suite, Wordpress, HTML, Graphic Design, Comic Relief
Pet Peeves: Left Turn Right Blinker, Not Closing Chip Bags When Done Eating
Loves: My wife, The Beach, Sports (Bucs, Rays Lightning), Food, Concerts, Vacation, Playstation / Computer Games

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